Audience Response

I’d had a difficult morning dealing with some family problems and was feeling depressed. Your show was so much fun and made me laugh! It lifted my spirits and really brightened my day! – Audience member

You made our day! Many folks at the gathering said they were in a funk with the gray weather, but the Perennials brightened our day with lively song, creative poems and just plain silliness. – Elaine P.

Thank you all for bringing your energy, light and laughter to our community. You are welcome to return at any time! – Megan S.

Your performance brought some very welcome levity to the community. If any of you would ever like to lead a little acting/improv workshop, let me know! – Ryan W.

A handful of residents stopped by my offices yesterday and this morning to tell me how much they enjoyed the show and hope you’d consider coming back! – Connie Y.

It was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time! – Audience member

Thank you so much for the Perennials performance yesterday!  It was such a fun event for a special holiday like Halloween! We hope to see you again in about 6 months or so. – Jenevieve F.

It was great to have an improv group hilariously grace our stage—we don’t get improv groups very often at all and audience participation was awesome. Sarika and I were just talking today about how much we enjoyed your troupe. I hope you guys apply for Monday Night Marsh in the future. – Alexa A.